The Coach

Martin has been coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs for over a decade.

Although he has certified with two coaching schools over the years, his expertise is based on a unique combination of academic knowledge and practical experience gained over the years. This holistic approach enables him to provide concrete, relevant advice, drawing on both the fundamentals of coaching and his practical experience as an entrepreneur and mentor in the field.

Today, MARTIN offers 3 different types of



The third and most exclusive way to receive coaching from Martin is through his famous Mastermind groupVIP Circle of Excellence.

The VIP Circle of Excellence is the only place where top entrepreneurs, influencers, and web leaders from all over the French-speaking world have access to Martin Latulippe, CSP HoF, for a unique 12-month immersion to boost their mindset, their entrepreneurial IQ (entrepreneurial intelligence quotient) and entrepreneurial EQ (entrepreneurial emotional quotient), their relationships, as well as their results.

This Mastermind group differs from all other groups of its kind in the French-speaking world, as it is the only truly international group (Canadian leaders and European leaders) and is only accessible by application and after a pre-interview conducted personally by Martin to ensure the quality and alignment of members.

To read the terms for applying to the VIP Circle of Excellence, who it is for, and what this coaching adventure entails,

Leaders with an


and solid result

« Only a few years ago, François Lemay dreamed of spreading his teachings on mindfulness throughout the francophone world, but he was neither known nor recognized for his expertise. Today, François is without a shadow of a doubt THE French-speaking leader in teaching mindfulness. He holds conferences all over the French-speaking world, has published a best-seller that has seen massive success in Canada and Europe, and his online searches have far exceeded seven figures. François is definitely a massively successful leader in the French-language online world in addition to making a huge difference all over the French-speaking world with his teachings. »

François Lemay

« Melissa had the wild idea of creating a movement for businesswomen, Paillettes Inc., to awaken, inspire and color the world of business that she found, by her own admission, a bit too beige. Today, in addition to being a single mother who manages her family like a BOSS, Melissa runs her international businesswomen's movement, Paillettes Inc., with massive business development events where she packs halls in Quebec and Europe, and her products have brought her to just under seven figures after only three years. »

Mélissa Normandin Roberge

« Polo Pyronnet is a very well-known figure in the coaching universe and has for some time been seen as a significant leader in the world of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Polo has been inspiring his audiences for over 30 years and started turning toward the Internet three years ago. His earnings come in at just below a million euros, which is very impressive revenue in the world of NLP coaching. Charismatic, profound and sincere, Polo brings a strong human dimension to the online world. »

Paul Pyronnet