Never let a victory or a defeat define who you are.

There is so much more to you than whether or not you have achieved a goal.

Don’t fall into that trap !

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Martin ?

Martin is recognized by his peers and clients as one of the top experts and web influencers in the field of inspirational leadership, mindset, and performance. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people to live out their excellence consistently; he has done the same for thousands of companies, some of which represent the biggest brands in the world.

Martin, thanks to his background in online entrepreneurship, has become a benchmark in Web-based entrepreneurial coaching. He has successfully taken his message and his business international, and now shares his knowledge and know-how with thousands of other entrepreneurs. His expertise is particularly sought after in the French-speaking world, as he focuses on effective, profitable and ethical approaches to helping web entrepreneurs develop their online business. He doesn’t promise miraculous results or magic solutions, but offers genuine, practical guidance based on his proven experience and skills.

Martin is not the kind of speaker who talks about generosity, gratitude, or humanity because it’s popular, but truly because these are

deeply-held values

and a way of life for him.

In 2011, Martin received the Peter Legge Philanthropic Award for the entirety of his involvement and contributions, which include the following:


In 2007, Martin volunteered to help Sean Collins, a 13-year old boy suffering from terminal cancer, fulfill his dream of writing a book before he died. Inspired by his meeting with this young boy, Martin agreed to write the book over the course of several months and donated 100% of the proceeds to sick children in Sean’s memory. The book, Ten Needles, quickly became a bestseller in addition to raising over 170,000 $.


From 2007 to 2012, Martin chaired the Tree of Hope campaign, which raises over 1.5 million $ every year for people suffering from cancer.


In 2010, Martin donated a thousand of his books to a special fundraising effort to help a quadriplegic friend travel to the Project Walk institute in California and financially supported him in buying equipment to improve his daily life. In one week, with the help of several generous people, Martin was able to raise over 27,000 $ for Joël Gallant.

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Live out what you listen to!

In 2018, Martin launched his podcast L’École du Succès (The School of Success), which became the first French-speaking podcast to stay number one in the world for a period of three days in the Business category; it has also garnered hundreds of five-star ratings on iTunes.

So, if podcasts are your thing, Martin has interviewed dozens of renowned entrepreneurs and artists to discover their stories.

To subscribe to the L’École du Succès podcast for free, choose your platform or watch the video interviews on the YouTube channel :



Quebec personality and television celebrity


President of the Germain Group


Olympic champion and entrepreneur


President of Cirque du Soleil


Influencer and CEO of Hoaka Swimwear






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Let yourself be inspired

Martin is the type of leader who does not dictate. He accompanies, questions, and puts the spotlight on people with values, so that we can adapt to what is being communicated and adjust it to our own story. This new project is destined to succeed, guaranteed! Long live the School of Success and congratulations to you, Martin, and the team behind the scenes!

Gustave2016, 2018-06-12

The mentor who guides our steps!

What a joy to discover someone I consider the greatest! Martin, with your journey, you inspired me to a new start. You taught me how to take the first steps in this kind of enterprise and to succeed in following your lead: by humanizing performance!

You are among the greats. That’s because you are THE greatest in my eyes! Thank you for providing so much quality!

Superminou2531, 2018-06-15

The School of Success

Martin is, without a doubt, THE leader who is constantly finding specific ways to accompany us throughout our entrepreneurial quest. With these podcasts, I can now let myself be inspired while carrying out my daily tasks! I am deeply grateful for the generosity and resourcefulness you display, Martin.

Thank you for making these big names in success accessible to us! Your outreach contributes to my achievements and those of thousands of other people! Congratulations! That’s because you are THE greatest in my eyes! Thank you for providing so much quality!

Karine Pelletier, 2018-06-14