The human

My name is Martin Latulippe, and I would like to take a few minutes to write a special message to you without any fanfare.

In this section, allow me to introduce myself to you from a different angle. My name is Martin Latulippe, and I’d like to take a few moments to tell you a little bit about myself, far from the marketing gimmicks and speeches you might read on this site.

First of all, I’d like to share with you a truth that’s close to my heart: I believe that we all have the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many renowned people and organizations around the world, to get involved in numerous philanthropic missions, but what matters most to me is bringing real value and making a concrete difference to those around me.

Why is that? Because so many people have had this kind of positive impact on my life at a time when I couldn’t even see the potential in myself.

I’m deeply grateful to all these people who have supported me and contributed to my journey. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.

So, rather than dwell on my achievements with certain prestigious organizations or other accomplishments, I’d like to share with you my starting point and a few encounters (moments) that have greatly influenced my life.


I’ve always been a dreamer. However, this tendency to dream hasn’t always served me well and has sometimes caused me practical difficulties.

There was a time when I felt that everything I did was just average. I was a student faced with challenges and labelled in different ways, a field hockey player who never stood out as the best on his team (far from it) and I watched my brother’s successes while I lost myself in my daydreams.

But for a long time, because of this personality trait, I had this persistent impression that my actions were simply average, and I even came to believe that this was the destiny that life had in store for me.

Yet there was nothing dramatic about this, it was simply the reality of my perception at the time.

Over time, I discovered that greatness is measured not only by spectacular achievements, but also by perseverance, determination and the constant desire to progress despite the ups and downs.

I’ve sometimes embarked on ambitious projects and failed. Fortunately, over time, I’ve become aware that every little action helps to forge my path towards development. I’ve learned to celebrate my successes, no matter how big or small, and to learn from my failures and trials, because they are the pillars of my personal growth.

Today, despite the challenges, I know with certainty that life is a blank canvas on which I can paint unique and inspiring masterpieces.

I share this story not to complain about the past, but to inspire others who might recognize themselves in this quest for self-realization and feel discouraged. I’m here to humbly remind you that you have the power to transform your reality, move beyond your limiting beliefs and realize your full potential, no matter where you start.

Don’t settle for an existence that no longer suits you. I know that our projects and dreams can sometimes seem improbable, but sometimes you just have to keep the faith in yourself and persevere with passion and determination.

The first book that


my life

At the age of 16, when I was excluded from the field hockey team to which I thought I was predestined to belong, my world collapsed.

This failure, coupled with the personal challenges I had faced, fuelled my poor academic results and profoundly shook my self-confidence.

Faced with my dismay, my parents had the brilliant idea of giving me the book “Les Secrets de la réussite des champions”, written by the famous field hockey coach François Allaire. Intrigued by the author, I decided to give the first few pages a try.

This book changed my life.

In just a few pages, I realized that my attitude was at the root of many of my problems. I also learned, in just a few lines, some good news and some bad news. The good news was that I had the potential to be a leader. The bad news was that I needed to change my way of thinking and approach things more positively.

I had been so limited by the school system, which reminded me every day of my challenges and limitations, making me believe that I would achieve nothing in my life. This experience, coupled with challenges I wasn’t sure how to handle at the time, had left me with a sense of injustice towards the system, authority and people who made fun of me.

But this book was a turning point. It opened my eyes to the power of my own attitude and my perception of the world around me. I realized that I could choose to be the hero of my own story, to face challenges with determination and turn my obstacles into opportunities.

Since then, I’ve committed myself to cultivating a positive mindset and persevering with passion and resilience. I discovered that success depended not only on my innate abilities, but above all on my willingness to grow, learn, help others and challenge myself along the way.

This book had just given me food for thought and the tools to undertake new actions, develop myself more fully and, who knows, maybe help me realize bold dreams. One thing was certain: this book had planted the seed within me that one of the keys to success lies in the way we perceive and react to the challenges we face.

My encounter with two


A meeting that changed my life! Still in the year I turned 16, my French teacher asked me to stay after class. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but I agreed.

Once I was alone, she said to me: “Martin, it’s obvious that you’re having difficulties with written French because of your dyslexia, but I want you to know one thing…

Just because you have difficulties at school doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in life. Your talent is public speaking. The Rotary Club is organizing an oratory contest and I sincerely think you should take part.”

Deep down, I had no desire to enter the contest. After all, I was a field hockey player, and field hockey players weren’t known for their public speaking skills in those days. But because it was the first time a school authority had said to me “I believe in you…”, I decided to believe her and entered the competition.

To my surprise, I came in second.

Of course, I didn’t win the competition, but something changed in me.

This teacher planted a powerful idea in me: maybe it was possible for me to succeed in something even if school wasn’t my forte. This was the lesson taught to me by the first angel to appear on my path.

That day, I began to believe in my own abilities and to explore the areas in which I could excel. It was the start of an extraordinary adventure, where I discovered a passion for public speaking and sharing inspiring messages.

Indirectly, this encounter also taught me that it’s possible to succeed in areas that aren’t traditionally valued. Sometimes all it takes is listening to the kind voices that encourage you, trusting your unique potential (even when it’s hard for us to see it for ourselves) and daring to take on new possibilities, one step at a time.

The power of

kind words

Later that year, while I was staying with a host family (because when you play field hockey, you sometimes have to leave home), a sentence written by the lady I was staying with was to change the course of my life.

In my high school yearbook, you know, those photo books in which our friends and teachers write us lovely words, Anne-Marie wrote: “Martin, you have a real gift for words and speech, but you’ll only use this gift to the full when you stop hurting others with those same words and speech.” That hurt! That second angel was right.

I’d built a shell around myself and too often used words to hurt and belittle others. I wasn’t proud of it and it was my responsibility to change things… but how?

This reflection was another starting point for my transformation. I realized that words have the power to heal or hurt, and I decided to make a conscious choice. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth to try and develop my ability to communicate with compassion, respect and kindness.

It wasn’t easy, but I learned to choose my words carefully, to listen actively to others, to express my thoughts constructively and to encourage rather than discourage. Little by little, I began to cultivate a way of speaking that inspired, supported and uplifted others.

And so, thanks to the awareness this lady had offered me and my determination to change, I discovered the true power of kind words. Even though it was far from perfect, this new posture became my tool for trying to create authentic connections, for encouraging others to flourish more, and for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

The awakening a passion for

the human side

my transformation towards an inspiring path

The years that followed were marked by periods of learning and trial and error. I turned to what had seemed to give me success: books on personal and professional development. If one book could have had such an impact on me, I figured that other books could surely solve a lot of problems.

So I immersed myself in reading books on motivation, psychology, philosophy and business, striving to put into practice the lessons I found there, even if it wasn’t always easy or coherent for me.

Like many aspiring leaders, I made mistakes and learned from them. As I healed my own wounds from the past, I kept moving forward, gradually moving closer to my own coherence.

Like many leaders, I’ve experienced failures, but each time I’ve learned from them. I’ve undertaken many projects that have failed, but I’ve always tried to learn something from these experiences.

The only tangible measure of success I had, at the time, came from the leadership roles I took on the ice as a field hockey player, and my community involvement.

Thanks to this leadership posture, which I was slowly but surely learning, I was increasingly asked to volunteer as a youth worker in schools. I took the opportunity to devote my time and talents to this, as the lady in my host family had suggested.

Little by little, I developed a real passion for humanity, its fears, its mechanisms, its psychology, its obstacles and, above all, its possibilities.

At the time, I had no idea that this passion would turn into a profession, and that I would soon trade the time I devoted to field hockey to become a professional speaker.

My career path prepared me to embark on this new path, where I could share my knowledge, inspire others and help them, in turn, realize their full potential.

The decisive encounter and the

moment that changed everything

Two defining moments followed, forever transforming my destiny.

First, in my final year of university field hockey, I had the incredible opportunity to represent Canada at the Universiades as captain of the national team, selected with honor by coach Trevor Stienburg.

This nomination was a real catalyst for my self-confidence.

It was tangible validation that my leadership was being recognized, and proof that when you invest in yourself, you can transform yourself and achieve great things.

My participation in this competition is of particular importance in the story that follows, because it was during this field hockey championship that a key event took place: the ultimate meeting.


decisive meeting…

A few months before I was named captain of the Canadian university field hockey team, I struck up a friendship with an influential local businessman.

This meeting took place during an interview for a position with the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce, of which Michel Desjardins, this influential man, was then the director.

During the interview, when we got to the English part, I froze completely, my level of English being rudimentary at the time. Sensitive to my discomfort, Michel changed the subject and asked me if I had any passions other than field hockey.

Without hesitation, I replied, “Yes, personal development books!” Michel looked at me with a smile and said, “Really, you read personal development books?” I explained that it was much more than a passion for me, but a way of life that had enabled me to deconstruct myself in order to better rebuild myself. He looked at me and said, “You’re hired.”

A few weeks later, we went to attend Anthony Robbins’ conference in Boston, with his brother Jean-Paul Desjardins, who was also passionate about personal development. These two men, Jean-Paul and Michel, went on to become exceptional mentors.

When I returned from Boston, even though I hadn’t fully understood the English lectures, I was filled with a certainty: what I had seen Anthony Robbins do on stage was my dream, but in my own way!

So I shared this dream with the two Desjardins brothers, and they came up with a plan: “Here’s the plan, Martin. Work for a few years after your studies to build up a reputation (because right now, you have no legitimacy).

Take the time to discover and develop the profession of speaker (because we know nothing about it), and on our side, we’ll teach you the business world, because even as a speaker, if you want to succeed in business, you’ll have to become an excellent entrepreneur.”

That was the plan. Work for a few years, build up my credibility, learn about speaking and entrepreneurship, then set off in pursuit of my dream.

There were only two things left to make this plan a reality and realize my dream: finish my last semester of university and play in the World Hockey Championships. But then…

When life has

Other plans

for you…

When I arrived in Poland for the World Hockey Championship, I already had my plan in mind. I knew that this competition would mark the end of my field hockey career, and then I would devote myself fully to my plan, to my dream.

However, a crucial moment during the tournament turned my life upside down and taught me that life had another purpose for me.

In the middle of a routine game, at center ice, a violent body check applied to an opposing player resulted in a collision with his skate blade, directly on my neck.

Within seconds, my jersey was soaked in blood and I could barely make out the Canada logo.

I didn’t know the severity of the cut at the time, but I did know that the neck was not the ideal place to be hit by a skate blade. Fortunately, the damage was less than I had feared, but it came down to a few millimetres.

This incident had a profound impact on me and my choice of mission.

I felt as if life was giving me a second chance, telling me: “Go for it, my friend… pursue your wildest dreams, you’ve only got one life to live.”

Returning from Poland with a silver medal around my neck, I went back to my two mentors to tell them that the original plan had changed. I no longer needed several years to work, because the time to start pursuing my dream was NOW.

So, with no money in my pocket, no credibility and no experience, I set off straight from school in pursuit of my dream – a dream that many considered impossible. 

Twenty years have passed since then, marked by hundreds of failures, moments of questioning, doubts and numerous entrepreneurial adventures where I came close to giving up time and again. I never imagined that my mission would lead me to where I am today. 

Back then, I simply wanted to help others reach their full potential, and it’s that same motivation that drives me to this day. 

I never thought I’d give over 3,500 talks, publish books, sell my products in over 53 countries, travel the world, accumulate over 2 million views on YouTube, have 300,000 fans on Facebook and tens of thousands of subscribers on Instagram and YouTube thanks to this profession. 

Most of these opportunities didn’t even exist when I started. 

It was all just a dream that I chose to act on, despite the fears I had. 

And it’s precisely this same mission that drives me to this day: to help people take action to realize their dreams. Because I know, without a doubt, that dreams can come true with the right lessons, the right guidance and unwavering perseverance. 

And what about you? What is your greatest desire in life, that thing that fills you with joy and deep satisfaction?