The Speaker

If you have been tasked with finding a speaker for your next convention, sooner or later you along with the members of your committee will realize that you are facing an endless ocean of possibilities.

To help you discover why Martin could be the keynote speaker for you, simply click here to learn about the topics of his various speaking engagements.

However, if you truly want to understand what sets him apart from other speakers, keep reading.

First and foremost, his extensive

practical experience

as an entrepreneur and speaker

The following “quotes” are from Martin’s former clients as they describe his vast experience:

A rare hybrid of business strategist and inspirational speaker

Martin has been involved in more than 3,500 companies over the last 20 years, some of which represent the world’s largest organizations, such as Mercedes, BRP Global, Pfizer, Toyota, Cascades, Million Dollar Round Table, Sun Life, BMO Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, Statoil Canada, Beiersdorf, Caterpillar, Fidelity Investments, or the Office of the Auditor General of Canada

A global expert in inspirational leadership

Martin is one of the only Quebec lecturers to have shared the stage in English with giants in personal growth, leadership, and business development, most notably: Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, General Rick Hillier, Amanda Lang, Les Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Lisa Nichols, and many others

An inspirational keynote speaker recognized by his peers

At just 41 years of age, Martin became the youngest speaker in Canadian history to be inducted into the Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame

A world-renowned mentor in web marketing

Martin has personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the French-speaking world to position themselves on the web and to monetize their passion or their skills with ethics

A web influencer

Martin is blessed to be followed by more than 500,000 people on social media and his YouTube channel has more than 2 million views

It’s important to keep in mind that every experience mentioned is also accompanied by difficult moments, disappointments and, above all, valuable learning that Martin makes available to his audiences. He knows how to touch hearts with deep sensitivity and bring a touch of humor to lighten spirits.

With over 20 years’ experience working with hundreds of organizations, including some of the world’s biggest brands, Martin is sure to inspire, provoke and educate your audience to act differently. His touching approach and sense of humor add a unique dimension to his interventions, creating a memorable and enriching experience for all those who choose to hire him as a speaker.

When you hire Martin, it’s essential to understand that you’re not just hiring a theorist, but a

true practitioner

Martin is not only a renowned speaker, but also an investor and business partner who has been involved in a variety of projects and ventures over the years. This hands-on experience gives him practical expertise in the concepts he addresses:


Investor and partner in Ma Zone Fit ( with Josée


Investor and partner in the AIME program with Chantal

Martin has collaborated with organizations representing the world’s leading brands !

But beware,

Martin is unique and may not appeal to everyone…

Here are a few things people like or dislike about him… but will never change:

A former hockey player and team captain

While some speakers prefer to err on the side of caution, Martin was forged in the field hockey arena, where he learned to tell it like it is, straightforwardly, without detours, using the most elementary common sense… with a well-measured touch of humor, always imbued with respect. His style adapts easily to different personalities, enabling him to connect quickly with his audience.

A person who makes a lot of mistakes

If you’re looking for a superhero speaker who gets up at 5 a.m. every day and embodies perfection, Martin isn’t the man for you. He’s a perfectly imperfect being who uses self-deprecation to connect with his audience.

He is dyslexic

Martin is driven by a deep passion for writing, despite the many challenges posed by his dyslexia. That’s why, at his conferences, he prefers to share authentic, illustrated and inspiring stories. According to him, these stories allow participants to truly experience the concepts being discussed, creating a far more powerful experience than mere written theories.

An optimist

Life is too short! Martin always has a positive outlook on everyone and a sincere faith in humanity. His unwavering optimism enables him to see the glass as half full in all circumstances. He is constantly solution-oriented, looking for answers and opportunities rather than dwelling on problems.

He just loves to have fun

If you’re looking for a serious speaker with an academic dissertation, Martin’s not for you. Everything he does is infused with humor and fun… and his talks are no exception.

He always focuses on the human aspect at the center of his approach

Although Martin brings cutting-edge strategies to the table to improve performance, he never does so at the expense of employee or team happiness. People and their personal development are always at the heart of his approach.

« I just heard Martin Latulippe speak and I am completely dazzled. What positive energy, what enthusiasm. A disarming simplicity and a heart as big as the Earth that speaks directly to ours! A thousand recommendations! »

Cora Tsouflidou
Founder of « Chez Cora déjeuners » restaurants

« We were treated to a very engaging and entertaining presentation that had an impact on our entire group. Martin manages to do this with his striking and "human-focused" style, but above all with his great sincerity. We also appreciated the use of examples specific to our organization to demonstrate his points. Everyone should have the chance to work with such a professional who is blessed with a great human conscience. »

Philip Roach
Vice President, Human Resources, Cavendish Farms (Irving Group)

« The participants were unanimous: it is amazing what enthusiasm and positive energy emerge from this young man who seems to be able to read the souls of people. He captivated everyone from start to finish. We do not hesitate to recommend your services for any organization that is looking for a dynamic, energetic speaker who can convey a message with humor. You are one of those people who has great listening skills and who knows how to adapt to the needs of the customer, which is highly appreciated. »

Lucille Blais
Project Manager, Vice-President Cooperation and Quality at the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec

« Although Martin Latulippe is well paid for his services, I must say that he is a high-caliber inspirational speaker who is first and foremost a fellow human, and second a lecturer. I think that is why he connected so well with our managers. He was simply outstanding! »

R.B. (Rob) Kelln
R.B. (Rob) Kelln, President, National Managers’ Community Canadian Government

Other interesting facts about Martin’s career as a



When the Auditor General of Canada, the late Michael Ferguson, held his first meeting with his 1,000 employees to introduce the new direction of his administration, he called on Martin Latulippe to mobilize, engage, and inspire his troops to excellence.


When BRP Global launched its new customer experience initiative, it chose Martin Latulippe to develop, educate, and inspire its troops to make this important shift in corporate culture.


When Ultima Foods boldly launched its new brand of yogurt – IOGO – in an already saturated market, they turned to Martin Latulippe to prepare their sales force for this new challenge before the product appeared on grocery store shelves.


When Martin embarked on the web marketing adventure, he quickly positioned himself as one of the most respected French-speaking educators and influencers in the world of business and web marketing because of his results. He has trained and mentored hundreds of web entrepreneurs who watched their businesses take off to six and seven figures.

Compared to other speakers, who sometimes content themselves with ready-made formulas and theories on

success and leadership

Martin brings over 20 years of concrete experience to the table, including the following highlights:

Silver medallist and captain of the Canadian field hockey team at the 2001 Universiade in Zakopane, Poland.

Silver medallist and team captain at the 1999 Canadian University Hockey Championships.

President of the Tree of Hope campaign from 2007 to 2012, which raised $1.5 million each year for cancer patients, thanks to a team of over 800 volunteers.

Investor in successful companies.

Successful entrepreneur for over 20 years.

Full-distance IRONMAN in August 2022.

In addition, Martin completed a personal challenge of his own in August 2022, completing a full-distance Ironman. He also completed 3 half-Ironmans and another full-distance one. Since he weighed 50 pounds more before embarking on this adventure, Martin uses this challenge as testimony that we all have the capacity to take on extraordinary challenges, and to inspire others to do the same on their own scale.

These varied and successful experiences give Martin a concrete expertise and a unique perspective that he shares with authenticity at his conferences.

Although Martin’s

Favorite topics

are inspirational leadership, engagement, change management, performance psychology, and motivation, his talks are tailor-made for each customer, following an interview to discover the needs, reality, challenges, and expectations of each situation.



The new motto of organizations that stand out

In a world where organizations are increasingly looking to recruit, improve performance, and stand out, it’s easy to forget the foundation of a strong corporate culture for both employees and leaders: Doing things with heart.

In this inspiring talk, Put your heart into it !, Martin presents more than 20 years of research working alongside top organizations in the world and delivers the best performance strategies to:

  • Build a strong culture of excellence where people put their heart into it;
  • Excel and perform without forgetting themselves;
  • Stand out without selling out;


Leadership in the new economy

In today’s world, we much too often place the leader tag on people who have just been appointed to a leadership position, but this does not mean that they have the qualities required to make a real IMPACT !

What is leadership in the new economy where challenges for leaders are increasing? When it comes to embodying the vision, inspiring teams, managing results, improving performance, involving shareholders and boards of directors, and more, how does one become a leader with IMPACT ?

In this inspiring talk, IMPACT !, Martin presents the best practices resulting from more than 20 years of experience in leading teams

Whether as the captain of the 2001 Canadian university hockey team, chairman of hundreds of volunteers (800) with a mission to raise millions of dollars for people with cancer (2007 to 2012), or his observations on the ground collaborating with some of the best organizations and entrepreneurs in the world, Martin will share the best strategies for:

  • Becoming a leader with IMPACT;
  • The pitfalls of leadership;
  • The best practices of leadership through inspiration and impact;
  • The three pillars of IMPACT and how to embody them: Leader, Coach, Mentor.


Excellence in times of change

Good change management is a reality that every organization will have to face if it wants to achieve exponential, healthy growth. The demands are becoming greater and the ability of teams (employees and leaders) to manage change has become a key asset in the success of a business.

In this inspiring talk, FOCUS !, Martin presents more than 20 years of research collaborating with the best organizations in the world that have had to undertake, manage, and succeed with various changes throughout their development.

Martin delivers the best strategies in change management :

  • AGILE Mindset, AGILE Team
  • The power of change in an organization
  • The psychology of change
  • The secret of managing transitions


The competitive advantage of top performers

Since the dawn of time, many experts have said that success, excellence, and happiness are a matter of attitude, of MINDSET … It is one thing to say it and to believe it, but how does it work ?

In this talk, MINDSET !, Martin shares the best strategies for developing, cultivating, and embodying a world-class MINDSET. You will discover, among other things :

  • The key element that differentiates a winning MINDSET from a stagnant MINDSET;
  • Areas of growth for an optimal MINDSET and how to activate them;
  • Pitfalls of a top performer MINDSET and how to avoid them;
  • Strategies for a winning MINDSET that will last over time.


Customer experience in a changing economy

In a world where customers have more and more choices between one product/service and another, the art of delivering a MEMORABLE ! customer experience has become the most powerful differentiator you can develop within your teams.

Having had the opportunity to collaborate with many of the best organizations in the world and having led his own company for more than 20 years, in this inspiring talk Martin shares the best keys to developing a MEMORABLE culture in your organization.

You will discover, among other things :

  • What a MEMORABLE mindset is;
  • What a moment of truth is in today’s economy and why it is important to properly define it in order to be MEMORABLE !
  • How to generate MEMORABLE moments through repetition and how to multiply them;
  • How to build a MEMORABLE customer experience.