The Team

Members of the

all-star TEAM

of our organization

Claudine ClauClau Brisebois

Master of Customer Experience at events, Director of Operations, and Martin’s right-hand

In addition to managing all the operations of the organization (and Martin’s life), Claudine oversees the entire customer experience at the many events organized by Martin both in the Canada and internationally.

Saad Saadster Mrizek

Undisputed Internet Marketing and Social Media Ninja

More than just being the go-to guy who knows how to do everything in the organization, Saad manages the deployment of various marketing strategies and promotions within the organization. Having recently become a father, Saad oversees all the organization’s internet marketing and social media optimization. So if you see anything on the web that comes from Martin, it is Saad who made that magic possible.

Julie Sauriol

Assistant in the Department of Miracles (customer service for all operations and events)

Mother of four (4) children, Julie is the person behind the scenes who makes sure that many miracles are performed and many headaches are avoided. She is the guru of aftersales service and works closely with Claudine and Saad to help them with the miracles they are called upon to perform.

Erwan Sablé

Ninja of the educational department and of customer service for our internet customers

In addition to supporting Saad in web operations, Erwan serves the thousands of internet customers who take the ZERO LIMITS ACADEMY course. Erwan is the Master of educational tutorials, and he supports our customers who need help with the technical side of their business.